Semester: Fall 2018

Instructor: Ali Serpengüzel | SCI 119 | WE B4

Lectures: SCI Z24 | MO WE B2

Coordinator: Nazmi Yılmaz | SCI 136 | WE B3

Problem Session: ENG Z15 | WE TH B7

Teaching Assistant: Syed Sultan Shah Bukhari | SCI 147 | TH B6

Textbook: University Physics, Hugh D. Young and Roger A. Friedman, 14th edition, Addison-Wesley (2016).

Science Librarian: Sina Mater | LIB | MO – FR B1 – B5

Tutor: Utku Akın | KOLT | MO B4 TU B6 WE B4

Course schedule is given below.

Week Subject

01 Sep.17 Introduction to Electromagnetism
02 Sep.24 Charges and Fields
03 Oct.01 Electric charge and electric field (Ch.21)
04 Oct.08 Gauss’ Law (Ch.22)
05 Oct.15 Electric Potential (Ch.23)
06 Oct.22 Capacitance and Dielectrics (Ch.24)
07 Oct.29 Current, Resistance, EMF (Ch.25)
08 Nov.05 Direct-Current Circuits (Ch.26)
09 Nov.12 Magnetic Field&Magnetic Forces (Ch.27)
10 Nov.19 Sources of Magnetic Field (Ch.28)
11 Nov.26 Electromagnetic Induction (Ch.29)
12 Dec.03 Inductance (Ch.30)
13 Dec.10 Alternating Current (Ch.31)
14 Dec.17 Electromagnetic Waves (Ch.32)

Course Description: Electromagnetism: electric charge, electric field, electric force, Gauss’ Law, electric potential, capacitance, dielectrics, current, resistance, electromotive force, direct current, alternating current, electric circuits, magnetic charge, magnetic field, sources of magnetic field, electromagnetic induction, inductance, and electromagnetic waves.

Course Objective: The objective of this course is to teach the importance of physical knowledge in the field of electricity and magnetism, whose related charges, currents, fields, fluxes, temporal variations, and devices lie at the very foundation of natural phenomena. Every student of natural and engineering sciences should master these topics before graduation.

Learning Outcomes: The students are expected to learn introductory college level electromagnetism.

Teaching Method: There are two weekly face to face meetings. There are presentations and demonstrations. There is a problem session every week.

Attendance: All students are required to attend classes and problem sessions. Even a university approved “Medical Excused Absence” or “Dean of Student’s Excused Absence” does not relieve you of this attendance requirement. Students who miss more than 1/3 of the classes (excused or unexcused) might receive an automatic F irrespective of their course average.

Grading policy for the exams: two midterm (30 % each) and a final (40 %) examinations. The examination dates will be announced later. Makeup examinations are very reluctantly given only with a university approved medical excuse, and if given, will always be harder then the original exams. Do not plan to take makeup examinations.

Student Code of Conduct: Students should be familiar with the Koç University Student Code of Contact.