Semester: Fall 2016

Course Instructor: Ali Serpengüzel | SCI 119 | Tu-Th B5

Laboratory Engineer: Selçuk Çakmak | SCI 158 | Tu-Th B4

Science Librarian: Sina Mater | LIB 222 | TBA

Course Objectives: The objective of this course is to carry out a project on optoelectonics and photonics.

Learning Outcomes:The student will learn scientific and technical literature search, to read and understand scientific papers, the use of state-of-the-art laboratory equipment, to apply scientific knowledge, to gain valuable technical knowhow, to analyze results, to write a scientific report, and to present results.

Teaching Method: The teaching method is by two weekly face to face meetings.

Description: The natural science students have a well rounded scientific background, but lack the technical experience of applying their scientific knowledge to novel, non textbook technical challenges. To prepare the student in that respect, the student is expected to be involved in the design, simulation, manufacturing, and characterization of a sample or a device, involved in the preparation of a novel experimental setup or a device, perform a literature search in a novel scientific or technological field.

Grading policy: a presentation together with a final report on a selected topic. The presentation date will be announced later.

Presentation: You will make a presentation on a selected material. The presentations dates will be announced later. 10 steps to successful presentations are given under resources menu.

Final report: You will submit a final report for your presentation. 10 steps to successful reports are given under resources menu.

Attendance: Students are required to attend the weekly meetings and laboratory sessions. Even a university approved “Medical Excused Absence” or “Dean of Student’s Excused Absence” doesn’t relieve you of this attendance requirement. Students who miss more than 1/3 of the meetings and laboratory sessions (Excused or Unexcused) might receive an automatic F.