SCIE 106 Fascinating Nature of Light


Semester: Fall 2022

Course Instructor: Ali Serpengüzel | SCI 119 |

Lectures: SNA B152  | Tu Thu 1600

Coordinator: Nazmi Yılmaz | SCI 136 |

Assistant: TBA

Science Librarian: Ebru Çınar | LIB 222 |

Course Description: Does light behave as waves or particles? How does light interact with atoms? What is special about the speed of light? The revolutionary theories of light that have emerged over the recent centuries. Topics include a historical survey of the milestones and pioneers, wave nature of light, photons, quantum theory, Einstein?s relativity theories, and interaction of light with atoms. Lasers, fiber optics, and other technological applications based on light.

Course Objective: The objective of this course is to teach the importance of light and its properties and applications.

Learning Outcomes: The students will learn properties and applications of light.

Teaching Method: There are two weekly face to face meetings.

Attendance: All students are required to attend classes and problem sessions.

Grading policy: Two midterm exams (25 % each), and a final exam (50%). The dates of the exams will be announced later. Makeup exams are very reluctantly given only with a university approved medical excuse. Do not plan to take makeups.

Textbook: Discovering the Nature of Light,The Science and the Story, | May 2022 , Pages: 220, Norval Fortson (University of Washington, USA)

Student Code of Conduct: Students should be familiar with the Koç University Student Code of Contact.